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How it works

The COACH Program® leads the world with its innovative coaching prevention program for people with chronic disease. Developed in Australia in 1995, the program is the first evidence-based (scientifically proven) coaching program for the prevention of chronic disease. Supported by the highest level of evidence with published randomised controlled trials The COACH Program® has been sought after by health organisations in Australia and internationally.

Patients receive an average of five coaching sessions over six months. Patients may be coached for longer if required.

Patients are coached to take the initiative with their doctors and ask for measurement of their risk factors, to be provided with the results of their measured risk factor levels, discuss their results and ways to improve their results with their doctors and ask for guideline recommended prescription of medications. Patients are trained to follow appropriate lifestyle measures.

The coach develops a plan of action with the patient to modify risk factors and improve lifestyle.

For each risk factor patients are given the targets to achieve – based upon the national clinical guidelines for the management of their disease(s).

Progress towards target is regularly monitored by the coach.

Each verbal coaching session is followed by a structured written report that summarises the coaching session. These written reports provide reference and reinforcement for the patient and expected progress to be achieved by the next session. Each report is followed with a risk factor chart which allows patients to track their progress towards achieving their risk factor targets.

Patients can contact their coach between coach sessions for advice and support.

The program guides patients step-by-step through the process of achieving their risk factor targets. It coaches patients to seek more intensive care from their regular doctors for their risk factors.

Patients are coached to be active participants rather than passive recipients of their healthcare. The COACH Program empowers patients to take ‘ownership’ of their health by being the ‘driver’ of the process of achieving and maintaining the target levels for their risk factors.

The COACH Program Phases

Each phone-delivered coaching session consists of five stages


The COACH Program Phases

Ask patients questions to find out what they know about their risk factors and treatment for their risk factors

The COACH Program Phases

Identifying treatment gaps and telling patients what they should know

The COACH Program Phases

Empower patients to ask their own doctor(s) to measure their risk factors; provide them with their test results; prescribe appropriate medication and alter doses/drugs if appropriate

The COACH Program Phases

Set an action plan to be achieved by the next coach session

The COACH Program Phases

Check what action has taken place since the previous coach session and use the information as the basis for the next coach session.


Why it’s

There is a ‘gap’ between the guideline recommended treatments patients with chronic disease should be receiving as against what they are actually receiving.

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Proven to help people achieve better health.

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Australia’s most widely used coaching program for prevention of chronic disease.

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