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Frequently asked questions

My doctor is already taking good care of me. Why do I need The COACH Program?
Your coach will work with your doctor, enhancing your follow-up care and helping you to meet and maintain your risk factor targets.
I am currently participating in a rehabilitation program. Is this the same?
No. The COACH Program will complement your rehabilitation program by tailoring the advice you receive to your individual situation. Running for approximately 6 months, The COACH Program is a longer term approach to your recovery.
I already have many people treating me. What more can The COACH Program do ?
Your coach is trained to look for any gaps in your treatment to ensure that you receive the best management for your condition(s) as described in the best practice guidelines. While your current team of health professionals are no doubt doing their best to help you, they are not necessarily skilled in all aspects of your conditions and the current national recommendations for the best treatment of your condition(s).
How long does The COACH Program run for?
The COACH Program lasts for approximately six months. However if you meet all of your targets before then your coach can graduate you from the program early.
Do I have to go anywhere to participate?
No, your coaching sessions happen over the telephone at a time that suits you.
How long does each call take?
The first coaching session is the longest at between 30 and 45 minutes. Follow-up telephone calls after the first session are shorter at about 15 to 20 minutes each.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost to patients to participate in The COACH Program.
I have had my chronic disease for a long time, I have been managing well and feel that I know all that I need to know. Why do I need The COACH Program?
The guidelines for management of all chronic conditions are regularly reviewed and updated. Risk factor targets are changed as are treatment recommendations. It is important that you are kept up to date with the changes so that you can make the necessary adjustments. Chronic conditions are progressive which means that you will need more intensive treatment as time goes on in order to maintain your current risk factor levels.

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There is a ‘gap’ between the guideline recommended treatments patients with chronic disease should be receiving as against what they are actually receiving.

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